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Learn. Connect. Inspire.

Learn. Connect. Inspire.Learn. Connect. Inspire.

About Us

Growth and Opportunity


To inspire women to learn and connect within the cannabis industry. 

Come join the annual Women in Cannabis expo being held on September 28, 29 & 30, 2020 at the Atlantis Hotel & Casino, in Reno, Nevada.  The Women's in Cannabis Expo will feature vendors, speaker panels and presenters from diverse women who have been in the cannabis industry. 

The Women in Cannabis Expo was established to connect  women from all over who are working  within or looking to join the cannabis industry.  Many articles today have begun to showcase women in the cannabis industry through cultivation, products, writers, photographers,  medical professionals, and scientific analysis.  The cannabis industry isn't just about cannabis, it is also about new companies and products being put together with hemp and the CBD extracts.

As I began to navigate through the cannabis industry establishing an analytical lab,  I felt there was one connection missing. 


Are you a women who is looking to enter the cannabis industry? 

Do you have a unique product or service that pertains to cannabis? 

Do you have a life changing story that includes cannabis? 

Together we can learn, connect, and inspire women working who are currently working in the  cannabis industry or are looking to launch new ventures with the cannabis industry. Come learn how to get started or expand a current cannabis business. 

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Mixing & Mingling

NETWORK TO YOUR FULLEST POTENTIAL: Join us on Tuesday September 29, 2020 from 5pm to 7pm for a 2 hour inspiring and empowering networking event.  Connect with like minded women! Share ides and network to your fullest potential. Appetizers and cocktails will be served.

Atlantis Hotel & Casino Room Block Link:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I need to transfer my registration? 

Absolutely. Registrations may be transferred to another individual, or kept for a future Women in Cannabis Expo event. If you need to transfer your registration, just email us before the event:

Do I need a medical card to attend? 

No. Cannabis is not permitted at the event itself. Anyone over 18 with valid ID may purchase a registration and attend.

How do I book my hotel room? 

The Atlantis Hotel & Casino does have rooms blocked at discounted rates. 

Click on the link to book your room.

I have another question that is not on here. Who can I contact?

Please send us an email at


Attendee's Registration Pricing:

3-FULL VIP day passes includes speakers and speaker panels, breakout sessions,  expo access and the mix and mingle Tuesday night event: $299

Breakout Sessions Only: $199

Expo Access Only: $199

Tuesday Night Women's Network Mixer & Think Tank Session: $45

Register on or before August 1, 2020  to receive a$20.00 off the registration price.

Expo Vendors Registration: 

8x10: $1,700

16x20: $3,000

24X40: $5,600

40 & Larger: Contact for pricing

Early vender registration discount, $150 off if registered before June 1, 2020. 

Last day to register for a  vendor spot will be September 1, 2020.

Sponsorship Opportunities: 

Gold: $20,000 (1 available) 

Silver: $10,000 ( 3 available)

Bronze: $5,000 (5 available)

Monday Sept 28, 2020, Coffee, Tea & Water Sponsor: $1,000

Tuesday Sept 29, 2020, Coffee, Tea & Water Sponsor:  $1,000

Wednesday Sept 30, 2020, Coffee, Tea & Water Sponsor: $1,000

All registration sales are final. No refunds will be provided. 

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The Women Cannabis Speakers


Introducing the Women in Cannabis Expo Speakers! The women in cannabis expo will also have a conference that features panel discussions and individual speakers who all come from diverse backgrounds in the cannabis industry. This includes, growers, retailers, and scientists, medical, business owners, government facilitators and more. Please join us to find out what their expertise are and how they are related to the Women in cannabis Expos mission to learn, connect and inspire women.


Speaker: Tracy Ryan, CEO of Canna Kids and Founder of Saving Sophie

TOPIC: Cannabis Non-profit

Tracy Ryan is the Founder of CannaKids, a California based medical cannabis company, and the 501c3 After her infant daughter’s low grade brain tumor diagnosis in 2013, Tracy dedicated her life to helping patients who suffer from life altering ailments, with a focus on children. 

Having witnessed years of unheard of success in tens of thousands of patients suffering from cancer, and many other ailments and diseases, she is now supporting pre-clinical human & humanized mouse model trials led by 

Dr. Anahid Jewett.

After two years of research on Tracy's daughter Sophie, and 17 of her CannaKids patients using her line of oils, Tracy and Dr. Jewett have made groundbreaking cancer discoveries that will be published to the medical journals in Spring of 2020. It’s her mission to not only end the suffering of those inflicted by cancer, but also develop a cure for her daughter that millions could benefit from.


Speaker: Dorinda Vance, Co-Founder/Co-CEO


Dorinda brings a lifetime of experience building successful businesses including Dorinda’s Chocolates to LiveKAYA. Known in many communities for her genuine love of people and heartfelt desire to help others achieve their own dreams, Dorinda is the holder of the vision at LiveKAYA. While growing the company to a world-wide enterprise, she oversees day-to-day operations with a keen eye and deep knowledge of chocolate. Dorinda frequently travels around the country to meet people and share our product and the opportunity, and is committed down to her cells to supporting the growth and success of our Brand Partners.

Dorinda is a natural connector and loves nothing more than bringing the right people together to elevate a project. Having spent many years in direct sales, she has an acute understanding of successful business strategies that create sustainable growth.

Above all else, Dorinda adores her family and considers her greatest accomplishment to be raising her four sons to be the amazing people they are.

Dorinda is a born visionary, always looking to create the next success story, and is thrilled to bring LiveKAYA into the world.


Speaker: Brooke M. Westlake , Founder & Owner ADA Lake Labs, LLC & Women in Cannabis Expo

TOPIC: Lab/Ancillary Services

Brooke started her professional career in healthcare. Her experience includes working in both the public and private sector. The last 10 years of her career included business development, leadership, new product development, product implementation, client retention, and regulation compliance. After twenty years she was ready to launch her own company. This included opening ADA Lake Labs, LLC., which provides an ancillary service for the cannabis industry.  While launching her lab, she realized a national expo and meeting facility for women was missing.  Therefore she developed the Women in Cannabis Expo which has the mission to learn, connect and inspire women in the industry. 

Brooke holds a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Criminal Justice.  

She was appointed by former State of Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval as a commission member for the Nevada Commission for Women, completing two terms.  More recently she was appointed by the State of Nevada Governor Sisolak to the Board of Examiners  for Long-Term Care Facility Administrator & The Northern Nevada Disciplinary Board. When Brooke is not creating new entities she enjoys spending time with her family, loves to create art and enjoys laying on the beach at Lake Tahoe.


Speaker: Lolita Korneagay, RN Medical Cannabis Consultant & Cansoom Founder

TOPIC: Healthy Safe Cannabis Consumption

 Lolita is a Registered Nurse with over 15 years of experience in various  healthcare settings. Lolita is the founder of Cansoom, a trusted  network of licensed medical professionals that advise consumers about  healthy cannabis consumption.  She is also the first person to write a  cannabis educational book especially for nurses, “The Medical Cannabis  Consultant's Handbook”, she is also the author of  “The Medical Cannabis  Consultant Explained”, and “Your Cannabis Consumption Journal”.

In  2017, Lolita founded Cansoom and developed the most comprehensive,  in-person Medical Cannabis Consultant training program for licensed  medical professionals. Cansoom's mission is to connect consumers with  Medical Cannabis Consultants to make cannabis consumption easy and  acceptable for everyone.  The Cansoom platform contains an online  searchable directory of licensed medical professionals and makes it easy  for consumers to find and connect with the right consultant.

In  2018, Lolita has also launched a YouTube and IGTV channel, under the  moniker Nurse Lolita, to expand her reach and teach as many people as  possible about cannabis consumption while removing negative stigmas.

Through  her hard work and research, Lolita has made cannabis consumption safe  for those who need it to cope with medical issues while also giving  medical professionals the opportunity to learn about healthy cannabis  consumption, own their own business, and become cannabis advocates. 


Speaker: Sarah Stephen Selmon, Producer & Owner Tallgrass Hemp Cannabis

TOPIC: Hemp Cultivation

Founder of Tallgrass Hemp & Cannabis, Sarah leads with an entrepreneur's heart. Growing industrial hemp in Kansas' first legal crop, she believes in pushing boundaries and providing value. A frequent speaker at Texas Hemp Grower events and other hemp industry panels, Sarah collaborates with other pioneers and advocates for changes to cannabis laws in Kansas--one of only 8 states where residents have no legal access to cannabis. Sarah shares her experiences regarding legal and regulatory snares along the way and her perspective as a female grower in an agricultural state.

An innovator in business, she founded Safe Riders, Inc. in 2003 at the age of 25—the service drove intoxicated individuals home, in their own vehicle. The business was innovative and forward thinking. It solved a very real problem that, as a bartender at Walt’s Bar & Grill, she believed could be positively affected by providing a service solution.

While earning a Master of Public Affairs degree from Wichita State University’s Hugo Wall School, Sarah worked in Republican politics. She managed campaigns for governor, mayor and state representative. She learned to prefer the parameters of entrepreneurship.

When the opportunity to first grow hemp arose in Kansas, Sarah submitted a successful research proposal and was the first licensee in the state. Assembling an experienced team, learning from available research, and committing to industrial hemp in Kansas, Tallgrass Hemp & Cannabis incorporated in 2019.


Speaker & Moderator: Rebecca Gasca, Founder and Owner Pistil & Stigma

Photo & Bio COMING SOON!


Speaker: Kat King, Founder & Owner of Canna Mahila

TOPIC: CBD Skincare Business

Kat King is the Founder/CEO of Cannamahila. Cannamahila is a Luxury Hemp CBD Skincare line that uses certified organic ingredients, formulated by plant medicine women. The company is based out of Colorado and uses top shelf, organic, full spectrum Hemp CBD distillate grown by a local farm that is veteran owned. This line was manifested out of King’s twenty five year passion for making and providing quality, herbal moon medicines. All of Cannamahila’s infusions are made according to lunar cycles. 


Kat is a plant spirit medicine woman, healer, yogi, musician, award-winning commercial film producer and a CPTSD survivor. She has dedicated over half of her life to the business of Cannabis, film, music, healing and helping to educate people about green living. King is a thirty-year cannabis caregiver and twenty seven-year cultivator. Her passion for herbal medicines, infusions and formulations started in 1993 when she moved to Colorado from Mississippi and started growing her own cannabis, medicinal herbs and food. Living off of the land became a favored way of experiencing life at a young age. From that age forward, Kat became an advocate for living an organic, holistic, regenerative lifestyle, whether living in a city or out in nature. She spent summers on a hundred-acre certified organic farm in the Kootenays, British Columbia Canada starting in 1999. It was on that farm she learned how to properly grow, harvest, formulate and manufacture an extensive organic product line of herbal tinctures, tonics and skincare products. Sustainable, organic foods and alkalinity education is also a huge part of Kat’s life experience and activism.  


King became involved with the Native American church in the 90’s and participated in many different types of ceremonies and practiced tribal teachings over the years. Varying types of entheogens (yopo, peyote, morning glory) were a part of many of these ceremonies and contributed to an even stronger spiritual foundation and deeper connection to plant spirits. She is also an avid supporter of healing through other psychedelics such as psylocybin, MDMA and LSD as a treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD and other ailments.  


Kat currently contributes as a liaison with Skunk Magazine. She writes articles for the digital version featuring Colorado cannabis companies, farms, advocates, etc. and her “Consciousness & Cannabis in Music” series featuring musicians who are connected to the plant. This year she will be contributing more focused articles on plant allies and female owned/managed cannabis companies. 


Kat has gained a unique perspective with an unlimited amount of contacts within each of the above facets. From growing cannabis in several locations for more than two and a half decades, as well as brokering and working symbiotically with legal dispensaries, farms, laboratories and infusionists, to combining her skills and contacts as a Hollywood film producer, Kat is quickly being sought out for her over all, healing wisdom in this booming industry. What matters most is that she is a plant medicine healer and a steward of Mama Ganja.


Speaker: Eliza Founder and Owner of the Lucky Box Club

Photo & Bio COMING SOON!


Speaker& Moderator: Keiko Beakie


TOPIC: Cannabis, Senior Citizens & Consumption

Keiko Beatie has been a practitioner of Ayurveda, Chinese and Holistic Medicine since the 1970's. Her specialty in Bach Flower and Homeopathic has continued with whole plant cannabis medicine and focusing on education to the community for better patient care and health and well-being. She is the Director of Education for Coral Cove Wellness Resort located in Jamaica. This is an all-inclusive cannabis educational resort with cultivation on the oceanfront of the crystal blue waters of Jamaica.

She speaks at many mainstream CBD and cannabis conference across the country on subjects Senior Education with CBD & THC, Pain Management, Edibles, Topicals, Patient Care, Minorities in Cannabis, How to Create a Business in Cannabis, just to name a few. Her background, education and knowledge on the whole plant has assisted many to be able to be in this industry and community, but most of all heal themselves from many serious diseases


Keiko’s outreach has brought her to the County Fairs in California cooking with hemp and CBD, to enable outreach to the mainstream the benefits of hemp and cannabis. She is a Board Member of NORML OC, The Cannabis Chamber of Commerce Board Member, Head Judge of Edibles for The Emerald Cup, created the Cannabis International Tourism Association, and has a focus on Senior Education with natural plant base medicine with the program “Cannabis and CBD For You and Me”.

In the past Keiko created the first cannabis-based TV network on Roku TV The US Weed Chanel, former Leadership Women Grow, has Co-Host of Hemp Radio and written for,, Weedmaps and Sensi Magazine . 

Keiko mission statement is “Cannabis acceptance and legalization through education and outreach for patient care”.


• Practitioner of Holistic, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine

• Director of Education Coral Cove Cannabis Health & Wellness Resort, Jamaica

• Bach Flower and Homeopathic Specialty

• Contributing Writer for Weedmaps

• Board Member OC NORML 2015 Years to Present

• Board Member The Cannabis Chamber of Commerce Orange County

• Cannabis International Tourism Association

• Author of upcoming book – Autism & Cannabis: A Family Back to Balance

• Head Judge of Edibles The Emerald Cup (2016 – Present)

• Vegetarian/Vegan Trim Camp Chef 

• Cooking San Diego and Orange County Fair with Hemp and CBD 2014 to Present

• Writer, Speaker, Consultant, Activist all for Cannabis Patient Care!

• Writing for Weedmaps, Sensi Magazine, Edibles Magazine and other outlets

• US Weed Channel 2013 on Roku TV – Co Founder

• Leadership Chair Women Grow OC 3 Years

• Hemp Radio Co-Host 2014 to 2016

• Educator Cannabis Career Institute CCI

• Educator Marijuana Show – How to Have A Successful Delivery Service

• Producer Film “Secret Life of Trimmers” 

• Edibles Company 2002 – 2005

• Created successful Delivery Service and Cultivation in California and Oregon

• Third person in the US who had a underwater birth in 1981

• Senior Workshops – 2018 - 2020 Across America


Spoke at the Following: Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo Boston, New York and LA, CBD Expo SoCal & Orlando, Detroit Cannabis Conference, Canna Con, World of Cannabis, Hawaii Cannabis Conference, Women Grow Education at Weedmaps, OC Canna Education, CBD Expo Anaheim, Orlando & Indianapolis, World CBD Expo San Diego, NECANN, Supply Side West, Infused Expo, NORML, Cannabis Fest Forum San Francisco, Michigan Cannabis Conference, Sushi & Doobie Rolling Workshop, Arkansas Cannabis Conference, Mary Jane University, Moonlit Movable Feast and many more.


Speaker Chelsie Spencer, Esq.

TOPIC: The Legal Side of Cannabis

Chelsie Spencer is a cannabis and hemp attorney. She is a founding member of Ritter Spencer PLLC. Chelsie practices in the areas of medical marijuana and hemp and represents clients across those industries for their business law and compliance needs. Chelsie represents all facets of the cannabis and hemp industries, including dispensaries, growers, processors, manufacturers, retailers, and more. Forbes Magazine dubbed Chelsie the “rare friendly face in the midst of a cutthroat CBD hurricane, the person you want on speed dial when things turn sour” for her work in the cannabidiol (CBD) industry. In addition to navigating complex issues and transactions in these highly regulated industries, she frequently writes, speaks, and presents on issues affecting these industries at conferences and forums across the United States.

Chelsie’s practice also focuses on transactional issues in commercial law and in intellectual property. Chelsie has secured registration of numerous federal trademarks and copyrights for her clients and manages worldwide trademark portfolios, in addition to handling trademark and copyright licensing, consent, coexistence, and assignment agreements for a variety of industries.

Chelsie’s litigation experience includes enforcing and defending claims of copyright infringement, trademark infringement, patent infringement, false designation of origin, trade secret misappropriation, breach of contract, and tortious interference with contract, among others. She is licensed in both Texas and Florida and has represented clients in federal and state litigation throughout the nation, at both the trial and appellate level. She has tried numerous cases to verdict in both state and federal courts and has secured dismissal of multiple federal lawsuits.


Speaker #11


Women in cannabis expo Event Schedule for 2020

Monday September 28, 2020

Registration, Conference & Exhibit Hall Open

10:00am - 5:00pm

Atlantis Hotel & Casino, Reno, Nevada

Event Details

Monday September 28, 2020

Registration, Conference & Exhibit Hall Open

Expo Schedule: 10am to 5pm.

Panelist Schedule:

11am, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm

Speaker Schedule:

10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm

Drinks in exhibit hall 4pm to 5pm

10:00am - 5:00pm

Atlantis Hotel & Casino, Reno, Nevada

Tuesday September 29, 2020

Conference & Exhibit Hall Open

10:00am - 7:15pm

Atlantis Hotel & Casino, Reno, Nevada

Event Details

Tuesday September 29, 2020

Conference & Exhibit Hall Open

Expo Schedule: 10am to 5pm.

Panelist Schedule:
11am, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm

Speaker Schedule:
10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm

 Evening Networking Event ...

Event Details

10:00am - 7:15pm

Atlantis Hotel & Casino, Reno, Nevada

Wednesday September 30, 2020

Conference & Exhibit Hall Open: Final Day

10:00am - 3:00pm

Atlantis Hotel & Casino, Reno, Nevada

Event Details

Wednesday September 30, 2020

Conference & Exhibit Hall Open: Final Day

Expo Schedule: 10am to 3pm.

Panelist Schedule:
11am, 1pm, & 2pm

Speaker Schedule:
10am, 11am, 1pm, & 2pm,

10:00am - 3:00pm

Atlantis Hotel & Casino, Reno, Nevada

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